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Betty, our sassy little brown and white mutt sitting in the front seat of my car with a new haircut.

Meet Betty.

Do not let this very cute face fool you.

Betty. Is. Gangster.

She does not take any shit. Betty does not back down to any dog, no matter their size, and definitely nipped an uninvited person that dropped by. That man is a trash person though, so Betty is also a good judge of character.

Betty barks at literally EVERYTHING. It is infinitely annoying.

She’s afraid of inanimate objects, so if you need her to get right, you can just walk towards her while pointing your phone or the TV remote. She also will leave the room when you sweep the floor, but yells at the vacuum.

Betty came to me in early 2014 on a snow day. My oldest son was at his little girlfriend’s house and they found her wandering around in the cold snow. She was only about 5 weeks old and was SO SMALL! Such a little fur ball.

The house was not in a place where puppies can just wander away from their homes; it was a two-lane road with no super close neighbors, and we could not imagine where she could have come from. My son called to tell me that he’d found a puppy and could he bring her home?

So DUH. She came to our house despite the fact that we were still renting from the people that said no pets and had already acquired Lucy + 2 cats.

I posted Betty on Facebook to see if I could find where she belonged, and also to see if anyone I know was maybe looking to adopt. CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAD NO TAKERS?!

Truth be told, I probably could not have parted with her if she had.

And so, Betty stayed.