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Save Your Faves!

Ever wish you had an easy way to save your favorite recipes (besides leaving 87 tabs open in the browser on your phone, I mean)?

When it’s Sunday morning and you want to make your favorite biscuit recipe, or when it’s fig season and you need get back to your favorite Fresh Fig Newtons, do you wish those recipes were just a leeetle easier to find? I have the answer!

In the bottom righthand corner of Sugar Dish Me (and thousands of other websites!) you’ll find a little 🖤 icon aaaaaand if you click it you can create an account (in like 2 clicks!) that will let you bookmark all your favorite things on all your favorite websites.

How to Create an account and Save your Favorites


Click the 🖤 and then click Continue


Create an account with Google, Facebook or your email.


That’s it! Not you can click the 🖤 on any site that has it (thousands of sites with the best content from independent creators) and you can always easily find your favorite recipes, gardening tips, design inspo and more!

You can also have recipes delivered straight to your inbox!