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Meet Heather

About Heather Tulos, Author of the food blog Sugar Dish Me

Oh Haiiii!

Ya found me. I’m Heather Tullos, writer of the Sugar Dish Me recipes, taker of the pictures, eater of the cookies, and mom to all the dogs.

Yep. All of them.

First things first.

Sugar Dish Me is where I share tried and true, tested recipes that work well in a home kitchen, without lots of complicated stuff.  The goal here is to give you simple, family-friendly, fresh recipes with un-complicated ingredients, that you can find in a  regular store, on a regular budget.

I’ve been making messes in the kitchen since I was a little kid when my mom handed me a cook book and told me, “If you  can read, you can cook.”

Those are words to live by.

About Sugar Dish Me Family

I realize a blog called Sugar Dish Me might make you think  there are  only dessert recipes, BUT! Some of my most popular dishes are simple,  fresh, healthy eats. I try to offer a wide variety – everything from easy  weeknight meals to decadent sweet treats.

I have no formal training, though I have paid my dues in the restaurant  industry. I’ve waited many a table, spent hours chopping vegetables  and mashing potatoes as a prep cook, catered banquet events, sold  cheesecakes to local restaurants, and lavished everyone in my life with  waaaaay too many muffins and cookies.

I love a good cookie.

My posts often include little bits about the people (and pets) in my life, since they are primarily the eaters of all this food.


My other half. Professional taste-tester, cheesecake-lover, meat-eater, pasta-hater, and amateur Burger King spokesperson. Chad is a welder/fabricator when I am not chasing him around with samples on a fork. His job is pretty physical which translates to him being hungry all the time. We make a good team.


Is a teenager. And taco-eater. Cheeseburger and pizza fanatic. Will not let me take a photo without making a crazy face. Sort of a smartass, but comes by that plenty honest. Great dimples, and will talk you under the table.


Is 15. Likes to push mushrooms, onions, and Brussels sprouts around his plate with the hopes that I won’t notice. Loves to request impossible birthday cakes and irritate his brother. More dimples and plenty of questions.


Sooooooo… one thing you should definitely know about me is that I have 6 dogs and 2 cats. All of them were either rescued from bad situations or they were abandoned strays. I am very passionate about pet adoption. These guys are a huge part of our family and we love them infinitely. It’s basically like having a house full of toddlers.

I spend an insane amount of time cleaning mud off of feet, throwing frisbees, and vacuuming dog hair off the couch. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have questions or would like to send virtual cookies, you can email me at sugardishme {at} gmail {dot} com. You can also find me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram and/or Pinterest. I love hearing from you!!! Seriously. —>>> #sugardishme <<<— It’s a thing. And it makes me happy!

I also really like to know how recipes you’ve tried have worked out… submitting photos on Sugar Dish Me’s Facebook Page is completely acceptable. And exciting!

I appreciate each and every reader from the bottom of my heart. Truly.

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