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Manic Monday

Manic Monday comes early this week! And that’s because I also have a bonus recipe coming at you a little later for Surprise Recipe Swap.

Caramel Frappe, Manic Monday

#1- I am STUCK on these caramel frappes with non-fat milk and fresh espresso from my local coffee shop. Get one.

#2- We went to the Western North Carolina Farmer’s Market (it is HUGE) on Saturday. It was a rainy sticky weird day for a short road trip, but it was LOTS of fun. I bought my weight in produce, chili powder, and STRAWBERRIES. There were strawberries everywhere. You will probably be subjected to lots and lots of strawberry recipes soon… consider yourself warned.

WNC Farmer's Market, Manic Monday

Anyway, after we bough another basil plant, some catnip for Norma Jean, and waited for my sister to show up and walk around with us for awhile, we hiked up a hill to eat at a little country farm-to-table restaurant called the Moose Cafe. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we were MAJORLY impressed. Sweet tea in mason jars, fresh warm buttery biscuits, amazing coffee, from scratch dressings, homemade croutons– and it was AFFORDABLE.

Grass Fed Bacon Cheeseburger, Manic Monday

And have a look at this gimantico grass-fed beef bacon cheeseburger.

Can you say dee-lish-us? And the pickle was so great I ate it before I even got this picture taken.

P.S. I don’t even really like pickles.

racoon hat at the farmer's market

#3-My house is currently a war zone.

Evan begged me for this faux Daniel Boone raccoon hat at the farmer’s market this weekend. Instead he bought himself a little wooden rubber band shooter that looks like a tiny rifle. He was having a really great time shooting all of us, even though we were unarmed. Until he was ambushed.

Now you can’t round a corner or walk in the front door without someone jumping out and shooting a rubber band at you.

There is no end in sight. This is living with boys.

#4- Chad was delving into some kinda crazy workout the other day and the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons came on. Andrew popped up and said he liked it, so we YouTubed it. The video is superbly strange and I was really stressed out about all the stuffed animals getting demolished. Am I the only person that assigns feelings to inanimate objects?

Fashion Norma Jean, Manic Monday

#5- Norma Jean’s wearing a new fashion accessory because she had surgery and can’t behave herself. It’s made her sort of wacky and sometimes she just stares at me with this weird face… I don’t think I wanna know this week what she is thinking.


Monday 20th of May 2013

I love that Norma Jean's accessory is pink. Love. It.


Tuesday 21st of May 2013

Petsmart. Esme needs one... if only so you can watch her walk backwards for a day.


Monday 20th of May 2013

The farmer's market looks like a brilliant place to spend a saturday mooching, btu not nearly as brilliant as that burger looks and cafe sounds - that place sounds great! I am the worst for feeling sorry for inanimate objects, I get so worried/upset about them - it's totally ridiculous and insane, but I can't help it. All my mum or anyone has to do if I mention throwing something out is go "aaaah" in a sad voice, and that's it I can never do it!


Tuesday 21st of May 2013

It was really a fun sporadic day. I am so bad about giving all the stuffed animals feelings!! It's terrible lol. Glad I'm not the only bleeding heart.

Lou @ Letters from Lou

Monday 20th of May 2013

I CANNOT stop laughing at Norma Jean. So freakin' hilarious! I really want one of those to put on my cat just because. It would be too much fun to see what he would do!


Tuesday 21st of May 2013

She is a mess. If you put one on your cat for any reason consider yourself warned. I'm convinced Norma Jean is plotting my demise. Also she spills everything and walks backward a lot.

Susan Boyles

Monday 20th of May 2013

Elizabethan collars are a bitch if you are a cat or dog. But when licking is your game, e-collars are the word in prevention-lol! She's thinking she hates you and is plotting revenge once she is freed. Hah.


Monday 20th of May 2013

She is a little more used to the collar now. It's been a week. I'm gonna wait a few more days though because she CANNOT be trusted. I'm sure she is plotting revenge. She is already spilling everything she gets near because her spatial awareness is way off. It's good to hear from you, Susan! P.S. Your pay-it-back treat needs to get in the mail soon. What's your favorite flavor or dessert combo?

Meghan @ The Tasty Fork

Monday 20th of May 2013

I'm totally in love with caramel frappes!! I think I could do shots of just the caramel sauce they drizzle on top.


Monday 20th of May 2013