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What I’m saying is … I originally wrote this in December 2012 when I barely had a clue, but also! Lots has changed since then! So here I am in 2018 trying to a) save you from any errors that are most definitely here and b) scrambling to get this page updated so it might actually be useful for someone.

When I set up Sugar Dish Me I Googled (annnnd I actually just typed Goofled.) stuff until my brains hurt. I had a massive spiral notebook full of scribble scrabble and lists of notes, and notes about lists of stuff I needed to figure out. So this list probably won’t be your everything, but it’s a good place to start.

Let’s start with something super basic.

  • Google Analytics !! In my other job at Mediavine where I work as the Publisher Support Manager, part of my job is reviewing applications. I cannot tell you HOW MANY PEOPLE set up a website and never know to install Google analytics. Your CMS platform (WordPress, Blogger, SquareSpace, etc) will provide you with analytics, but those will never be as comprehensive as Google’s analytics.

This service is so comprehensive you’ll wonder how on earth it could be free. But it is. And I still learn new things it can do on the regular. If you get it all set up, you can go to Home ->RealTime -> Overview and you can see how many people are visiting your blog right that second! Weird, right? I know. You definitely need it, it’s totally free, and so if you don’t have it already, go get it.

Choose the style and layout of your icons, enter the url’s for each (example: Sugar Dish Me’s Facebook page url is, and then copy the code and paste it to your blog (in WordPress you can use a text widget). Whaaaaat? Why did that take me a whole day to learn? Now everyone can follow you in all of your places (P.S. If anyone wants to teach me how to cleverly communicate via Twitter without feeling stupid or over-editing I am all ears).

  • Easy Recipe – – PAUSE. Caveat added February 2018: I am actually still using Easy Recipe on Sugar Dish Me, albeit the premium paid version. I have no idea if they offer a free version anymore, but here’s what you need to know about easy recipe: I love it. But it’s not a great choice anymore.

If you are blogging about food a recipe plugin is a serious must! They make things functional for your readers, first and foremost, but they also mark up your recipes in a way that tells Google, “YO! THIS IS RECIPE CONTENT!”. SEO (search engine optimization) is SO important. And the thing about Easy Recipe is that it actually doesn’t do this very well. I have other recommendations coming soon! In the meantime, ask a friend what they use and why.

For the first post I wrote to get you started with self-hosted blogging click HERE.

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For the Tasty Food Photography ebook follow the link below.
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For questions leave a comment on this post!

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