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Why I’ll Never Buy Another Samsung Appliance Again

The $2000+ mistake I won’t make again. Here’s why I’ll Never Buy Another Samsung Appliance Again. 

Why I'll Never Buy Another Samsung Appliance

I’ve thought about writing this post once a month since LAST December. Every time my Samsung fridge starts making airplane noises I vow to never buy another Samsung appliance again.

In May 2014 we closed on our first house. A foreclosure that was move-in ready although a little less than visually appealing.

Our House 2014

The whole house things was a done deal as far as we were concerned before the end of February that year. The rest was just lawyers, inspections, paperwork – you know all the annoying parts of buying a house.

I was over the moon though, and started making arrangements for all of the necessities right away. Topping the list were appliances.

Having lived in rentals for years and years, I’d had a few appliances over time, but never anything very nice. Some rentals include a refrigerator, others include a washer but no dryer – there’s no rhyme or reason to any of it. So we’d had to purchase a washer at our last rental property, but the dryer and refrigerator belonged to our landlord.

As a food blogger I was obviously SUPER EXCITED to shop for a new fridge and had a list of qualities I wanted in my new appliance.

  • stainless steel
  • french doors
  • easy-to-organize freezer space
  • ice maker!
  • water dispenser
  • at least 28 cubic feet of space

So obviously we could have gone in a million different directions. There are LOTS of refrigerators that fit these specs. Not having a brand preference at this point in our refrigerator-buying consumer career, we were open to options and shopped … and shopped and shopped. We did our due diligence with price comparisons, and went around to all the stores so that we could open all the doors and drawers and look at the features in person.

After all the deciding we chose the Samsung RF28HFEDBSR. Here’s my fridge y’all.

Why I'll Never Buy Another Samsung Appliance

(Photo from the Samsung Website)

Looks good, right?

And it was good. Until December 2016.

So first, lets review the dates.

The sticker in my refrigerator says that it was manufactured in January 2014. I bought it from a local appliance store here in March 2014. We had it delivered and installed in our new house in mid-May 2014.

That means that my brand new $2000 appliance lasted exactly 2 years and 7 months before quitting.

What happened?

Just before Christmas last year the heating element in my stove went out. I had a bunch of client work due and was not super excited at the prospect of appliance shopping (except I WAS a little excited?!) in an emergency right before Christmas. But the stove came with the house and it had plenty of wear and tear before we moved in.

One $11 heating element from Amazon later and that crisis was averted.

One day later my Samsung fridge started making a loud humming noise.

The next day it go louder.

And then louder.

And I got a little worried.

It seemed like the condenser was freezing up. So I think okay… well this thing is barely 2.5 years old. So let’s see what’s covered under warranty.

I called Samsung.

And it was a predictable nightmare. It was like that time I called Verizon and all I accomplished was wine and anger.

I was on hold for an eternity. I got transferred 22 times. There was a language barrier. And! I have 1 million things to do that are not sitting on hold because of an expensive-ass broken refrigerator that at this point was as loud as the air compressor in the garage.

When I finally got someone on the phone though, he was the nicest guy. He walked me through the steps of defrosting the fridge. He called me back to check on me. I was like OKAY! It’s good! This is all good.

I thought it was fixed.

Thirty Days Later…

It started all over again.

I wasn’t too worried this time though, because The Nicest Guy ever was somewhere on the other end. Except this time HE WASN’T. I never actually reached a person that gave a damn.

Someone finally scheduled a serviceperson to come out [which is SUPER FUN when you have 6 dogs at home] but that was a whole other nightmare. It was going to be weeks and weeks before a certified technician could come to where we live. I was worried the fridge was going to quit completely and it was SO LOUD THAT I COULDN’T HEAR MYSELF THINK.

So I Googled the steps to put the fridge back into maintenance mode, defrosted the fridge and…

… have been doing that once a month ever since.

Once a month it sounds like I have power tools in my kitchen. Every 30 Days I have to put the milk in the freezer and thaw out the fridge. Then I have to worry that all the food is going to spoil and why did I buy so much chicken?!

I’ll Never Buy Another Samsung Appliance Again

This all happened about the same time that Samsung phones were banned from airplanes. Exploding phones, frozen condensers, and if you take a look at Consumer Affairs we are all having the same Samsung Refrigerator issues.

I’ll never buy another Samsung appliance again.

Currently seeking a new brand to love – give me your recommendations!


Saturday 21st of October 2023

Samsung? NOPE!! We bought a stove, fridge and dishwasher all at the same time. well honestly, how do you screw up a gas stove... the oven needs an igniter once every year or so. The original lasted two years. It's easy to replace, but really??? Fridge bad after three years Dishwasher leaking after 5 years Can't get service or parts Absolute JUNK!

Jane Harrison

Saturday 14th of October 2023

I bout a house with a brand new Samsung dishwasher, I had the seller run it to assure me that it worked. After moving in the dishwasher is completely unresponsive. The only thing Samsung customer service offered was an obvious check list which didn't resolve the issue. After using it zero times I believe I will junk it and install a useful cabinet.


Monday 28th of August 2023

I did a kitchen remodel in late 2017 New Dual Fuel stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, hood vent. All Samsung. Thus far the ice maker in the refrigerator has a class action suit that is dragging on forever. The knobs on the stove are cheap plastic with a metal weight to give them the 'feel of quality' The cheap plastic part where the knob meets the burner control are all cracked. Replacement price is over $100 EACH!!! for a cheap piece of plastic! I contacted Samsung asking for goodwill replacement and got the 'sorry out of warranty' response.

As with others, last Samsung product I will every purchase

Kyle Mulvaney

Friday 10th of March 2023

Bought a glass top stove that had over heat and under heat problems ! Customer service always says thank for your patience!!! I’m about right out ! It started having issues with the temperature from day one and after I listened to my wife called a repair guy, we were without an oven for about 3 months after 2 years ! Now they say we are out of warranty after about 12 visits from the technician! They gladly offered us 999.00 after being without for another 3 weeks I told then nah I’d rather have the 1557.67 I paid for it now WE WAIT ! SONOFA!

Timothy Tripp

Wednesday 28th of December 2022

My Samsung frig is a $2500 boat anchor