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Taco Supreme Grilled Cheese

Taco seasoned ground beef, Cabot’s Chipotle Cheddar Cheese, guacamole, and fresh pico de gallo grilled between thick slices of sourdough bread. This sandwich is a game-changer. Especially in the House of Hungry Boys on Spring Break. Yesterday I was taking a minute to catch up with a friend, and after I rattled off the list …

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Pesto Chicken and Provolone Sandwiches

Simple creamy pesto tossed with cooked chicken and cashews is spread on thick sourdough and then toasted with provolone cheese and mushrooms for a crunchy, melty, warm, and delicious sandwich. Sandwiches have become a serious staple around here. Our house is packed chest-high with moving boxes right now and I have whittled my kitchen down …

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The Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich

Grilled sourdough bread, sweet cranberry relish, leftover turkey, bacon, greens, and Havarti cheese make the Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich the absolute BEST way to use up Thanksgiving turkey. You’ll see it earned its name for a reason! I think that extra long title pretty well explains it. Which is probably for the best because this will be …

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