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The Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich

Grilled sourdough bread, sweet cranberry relish, leftover turkey, bacon, greens, and Havarti cheese make the Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich the absolute BEST way to use up Thanksgiving turkey. You’ll see it earned its name for a reason!

The Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich Best Turkey sandwich EVER!! We make these every year! It's like your Thanksgiving leftovers married a grilled cheese.

I think that extra long title pretty well explains it.

Which is probably for the best because this will be the opposite of an extra long post.

I have too many things to do you guys!!! Annnd I’m pretty sure that at this point you do too. Even if you aren’t cooking this week and you are among the lucky few that get to descend on the party with your fabulous self and a bottle of wine, there is too much going on to be dragging things out. Maybe you are traveling. Maybe you are standing in line at the grocery store for 5 years because only one cash register is open. Maybe you are shopping online, hanging Christmas lights, or staying glued to the TV with my kids and praying for snow.

The Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich

You might be cleaning the house. Or you could be like me and are wishing you had time to clean the house (or at least wear clothes without flour on them).

Whatever is going on in your world, I hope it’s crazy in a good way, full of family, friends, fun, and food.

Let’s talk sandwiches.

The Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich

yep. That about sums it up.

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The Plan-Your-Leftovers-Around-This-Turkey-Sandwich Sandwich
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Grilled sourdough bread, sweet cranberry relish, leftover turkey, bacon, greens, and Havarti cheese make the Plan Your Leftovers Around This Turkey Sandwich Sandwich!
Serves: many!
  • butter for the pan
  • sliced sourdough bread
  • leftover cranberry relish
  • Havarti cheese
  • leftover Thanksgiving turkey
  • kale, spinach, or other delicious greens
  • bacon, cooked and drained - about 2 slices per sandwich
  1. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Butter the skillet.
  2. Spread one slice of sourdough with the cranberry relish and place it in the buttery skillet, cranberry side-up.
  3. lay slices of Havarti cheese on top of the cranberry relish. Top the cheese with the turkey.Then add the bacon and greens.
  4. While the bread in the pan grills and the cheese begins to melt, spread the other slice of bread with the cranberry relish. Place more Havarti cheese on the relish (it works like glue).
  5. Place the second slice on top of the sandwich, cranberry/cheese side down, and then flip to grill the second side.
  6. Repeat with all the sandwiches. Enjoy!

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You will ABSOLUTELY want to plan your leftovers around this turkey sandwich!
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