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Are We Friends?

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I feel like we’re friends. I ramble on to you all about my kids, and my boyfriend, and the lady that screamed at the cashier in the grocery store for 20 minutes holding up the line because the poor girl didn’t want to cash her $400 personal check. Did …

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Summer Holiday Parfait

Bite-size cubes of THIS CREAM CHEESE POUNDCAKE, a recipe so simple that Evan read the instructions and made it almost all by himself (point of reference: Evan is 9), layered with Jell-O instant vanilla pudding and fresh sliced strawberries, topped with blue-tinged whipped cream. Party in a glass. Happy 4th Everyone!!  

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If You Can Read, You Can Cook

When I started writing this blog I had approximately a zillion and one ideas about what direction it should go in. I thought about meal planning, and being budget conscious. I thought about my strange kitchen experiments that often yield pretty great results (and sometimes not so great…). I thought about the foods we enjoy as …

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Sassy Oatmeal

I’m a cereal kinda girl. Granola? Love it. Granola bars? Love those, too. Quaker Toasted Oatmeal is darn near perfect. You can stuff cereal into muffins. You can make it into treats that are drenched in pink sprinkles. Chex Mix, anyone? Corn Flakes are smashed and sprinkled over casserole. Chicken is dredged in cereal crumbs and baked …

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Asparagus Pesto Ravioli

I like to play in the kitchen. Sometimes I’m inspired by magazine articles or blogs I read. On occasion it’s the weather. Other times it’s my mood. Colors and cravings definitely come into play. And then there are days I am inspired by necessity. There is the desire to use up all the leftovers. Sometimes …

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Best Friend Brownies

Chocolate solves a lot of problems. It solves little boys forgetting their homework problems. It puts a layer of caramelly candy bar and fresh whipped creamed over wounded pride when you realize you’ve been wearing two different shoes all day. It even pairs nicely with pumpkin to soothe my nerves after a seriously unpleasant encounter with the …

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From the looks of all the Snickers Cupcakes and Kit Kats wandering around this blog I’d bet you never knew a fitness craze has slowly but surely taken over our household. I think it began sometime just after we scheduled an 8-day beach trip with my whole family for this summer, but I can’t be totally …

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Snickers Satisfies

There are two perfect ways to eat a Snickers bar: Buy a King Size Snickers Bar and share half. Half of a King Size Snickers Bar is smaller than a regular candy bar, but definitely enought to stave off your chocolate-peanut-caramel craving for awhile. You feel like you had a few bites of candy without …

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Yesterday my biggest boy, Andrew turned 12. TWELVE. Are you kidding me? In my head Andrew is still like this… But now he’s like this… I take comfort in the fact that he still likes Legos. And chocolate cupcakes. And like any other twelve year old kid, Andrew has 3 favorite food groups: cheeseburgers, pizza, …

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