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Category: Breads

Spring. Asparagus. Toast.

It is no secret that asparagus is my most favorite spring time vegetable. There are a few other things I love about spring… Flowers courtesy of Chad’s grandma. Photos, flower envy, and tasty spring asparagus toast courtesy of Sugar Dish Me. Spring Asparagus Toast   Print Prep time 2 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time …

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Muffins for Monday

My kids come in from school in the afternoon totally freaking famished. You would think that they hadn’t eaten all day. Or for two or three days. They head straight for the kitchen and start rummaging through cabinets and standing with the refrigerator ajar staring at the contents. This is a practice that drives me …

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Pita Bread Recipe


My pita’s not so pretty, and I don’t even care. It was good. Really really good. Practice makes perfect and this was my first run. I think next time I may go whole wheat. The first run of any recipe gives you an idea of how it’s gonna work in YOUR kitchen. Every kitchen is …

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Can I Git Some Bread?

I come from a family of hard working service professionals. My dad worked as a maitre d’ when he was in his twenties. My mom waited tables at night when we were little so that she could work and still be home with us during the day. She kept that up for more than 20 …

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February? Already?

It’s unseasonably warm outside and there’s no sign of snow this winter season. Snow for us in the south is like a big adventure. We wake up extra early and peek out at the glistening white powder that frosts the once dreary landscape. We whisper to the children, “Get up and look out the window!,” …

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Breaking Bread

With the launch to the holiday season officially behind us it is time to get down to business. For the last month I have ignored all displays of Christmas celebration because I just wanted to have November for once. Going straight from Halloween to Christmas stresses me out. It’s bad enough that every retailer in the …

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