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Cherry Pie Pancakes

Big fluffy pancakes with a hint of almond and cherry pie filling in the batter! These Cherry Pie Pancakes are so much fun for a cozy weekend breakfast!

Cherry Pie Pancakes

Soooo basically I think I pretty much served you guys some variation of dessert all week. I mean, there was some quinoa, but it was covered in pomegranate and maple, so basically it was like healthy dessert. I figured why stop now (not healthy, just dessert)?  And made you Cherry Pie Pancakes.

I actually made these awhile ago. Like in September! I know. I’ve been holding out. Please accept this breakfast as my apology.

Homemade whipped cream usually does the trick.

As soon as I revisited these photos I remembered how totally awesome this recipe is, and then I wondered why pie in pancakes is not a part of my life every single day.

Cherry Pie Pancake Recipe

They are fluffy and perfect — I made the base with my favorite Big Fat Fluffy Pancake Mix, which by the way, would make a totally cool gift. I added some almond extract which really complimented the cherries. Cherry pie filling was a really super easy way to get the dessert in the breakfast. And you can never ever fail with homemade whipped cream. I added some to my coffee. #bestdecisionever

Holidays are celebrated in all different ways — so many people have to accommodate for multiple families, meals get scheduled and rescheduled, I mean things can get hectic. I think sometimes it’s fun to break tradition and do different kinds of get-togethers. Like a big fat family breakfast instead of stressing over some huge dinner that makes you want to crumple on the kitchen floor and cry in your wine. Breakfast is easy!

I kind of think a giant breakfast would be awesome for Christmas. I would totally serve Cherry Pie Pancakes.

Big Fluffy Cherry Almond Pancake Recipe

For Thanksgiving we are getting together pretty early. We’ll be eating our meal around noon so I expect everyone around 10. Not quite early enough for pancakes but we are totally getting down with some Black Forest Coffee Cake.

But maybe if I find myself crazy person Black Friday shopping these pancakes will be in that future.

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