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Cherry Pie Pancakes

Big fluffy pancakes with a hint of almond and cherry pie filling in the batter! These Cherry Pie Pancakes are so much fun for a cozy weekend breakfast!

Cherry Pie Pancakes

Soooo basically I think I pretty much served you guys some variation of dessert all week. I mean, there was some quinoa, but it was covered in pomegranate and maple, so basically it was like healthy dessert. I figured why stop now (not healthy, just dessert)?  And made you Cherry Pie Pancakes.

I actually made these awhile ago. Like in September! I know. I’ve been holding out. Please accept this breakfast as my apology.

Homemade whipped cream usually does the trick.

As soon as I revisited these photos I remembered how totally awesome this recipe is, and then I wondered why pie in pancakes is not a part of my life every single day.

Cherry Pie Pancake Recipe

They are fluffy and perfect — I made the base with my favorite Big Fat Fluffy Pancake Mix, which by the way, would make a totally cool gift. I added some almond extract which really complimented the cherries. Cherry pie filling was a really super easy way to get the dessert in the breakfast. And you can never ever fail with homemade whipped cream. I added some to my coffee. #bestdecisionever

Holidays are celebrated in all different ways — so many people have to accommodate for multiple families, meals get scheduled and rescheduled, I mean things can get hectic. I think sometimes it’s fun to break tradition and do different kinds of get-togethers. Like a big fat family breakfast instead of stressing over some huge dinner that makes you want to crumple on the kitchen floor and cry in your wine. Breakfast is easy!

I kind of think a giant breakfast would be awesome for Christmas. I would totally serve Cherry Pie Pancakes.

Big Fluffy Cherry Almond Pancake Recipe

For Thanksgiving we are getting together pretty early. We’ll be eating our meal around noon so I expect everyone around 10. Not quite early enough for pancakes but we are totally getting down with some Black Forest Coffee Cake.

But maybe if I find myself crazy person Black Friday shopping these pancakes will be in that future.


Tuesday 25th of November 2014

Ahh!!! I should make these for our xmas morning breakfast! Way easier, prettier and tastier than cinnamon rolls (and there's homemade whipped cream!). I'll take some of that cake too!

Heather Tullos

Tuesday 25th of November 2014

You should totally make these for Christmas morning. I might show up!

Ashley | The Recipe Rebel

Sunday 23rd of November 2014

I LOVE these! Breakfast is easily our favorite meal here. And we have totally done Christmas brunch instead of a big turkey dinner! These would be awesome :)

Heather Tullos

Monday 24th of November 2014

Breakfast is totally my favorite! Thanks so much Ashley!