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Gingerbread Biscotti

Gingerbread Biscotti are the cutest little coffee cookies you ever did see. Topped with a sweet orange glaze, they’re impossible to resist!
Gingerbread Biscotti with Sweet Orange Glaze

So is there anything cuter than tiny food?

In the kitchen the answer is NO. No there is not. It’s why we all love appetizers so much. Tiny little BBQ meatballs that fit on toothpicks. Itsy bitsy fruit tacos. And aren’t chicken wings just a bite-size version of chicken?

Anyways. I decided that the small food movement needed to be a part of all my Christmas cookies, but most especially the ones I dip into my coffee. So I made you tiny little Gingerbread Biscotti.

This all started when I made regular gingerbread biscotti — big hulking pieces that give me a delicious excuse to eat cookies for breakfast.

Pssshhh. Everyone knows that biscotti is the original breakfast cookie. It’s like breakfast cookie OG.

Gahhh I need to stop talking.

Gingerbread Biscotti

Back to the point. I made regular biscotti. And dipped it into my coffee. And got a little bit overzealous with the dunking. And then a big chunk broke off in my coffee.

I tried to fish it out with my fingers, but the coffee was HOT!! If I could sue myself for $1 million hot coffee dollars I would have because my biscotti did not come with a warning.

Christmas Biscotti Recipe

Then the big ‘ol hunk of gingerbread coffee-soaked twice-baked cookie started to disintegrate in my coffee. It was like gingerbread pulp.

And anyone that knows me know that I hate pulp.

So my fingers were burned and my coffee was ruined AND I lost half a cookie. I gave up on that day and went back to bed (not really but I probably should have).

Gingerbread Biscotti with Orange Glaze

The good news is that I made these gingerbread biscotti TINY! Aren’t they cute? Little bitty two-bite gingerbread biscotti, with an orange glaze that will rock your cookie world. I made it with powdered sugar, orange juice (no pulp!!!) and fresh orange zest. It works perfectly with the ground ginger, molasses, and cloves. Also your house will smell like a big fat happy holiday.

Ginger Bread Biscotti Recipe


Saturday 16th of September 2023

I make biscottis all the time and have no idea what I did wrong. These are soft like cake

The recipe calls for 1 cup of molasses. Is that correct. They taste wonderful but I want a crunchy cookie to dip in my coffee

Clark Smith

Saturday 20th of April 2019

It looks too tasty! Will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing.

Liza Roy

Thursday 11th of April 2019

Awesome! It looks yummy! Its coffee flavor?


Thursday 11th of October 2018

Gingerbread Biscotti is the cutest little coffee cookie, it is a pastry espresso or after a meal. I hope this is a dish that can bring joy to my whole family. Thanks for your sharing this recipes.

Heather Tullos

Thursday 11th of October 2018

Thanks, Jenny!


Thursday 11th of October 2018

Awesome! Gingerbread Biscotti is the cutest little coffee cookie, it is one of the cookies that I like. I expect more recipes for cookies to be made every day. Thank you for sharing this interesting.

Heather Tullos

Thursday 11th of October 2018