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Carrot Cake Truffles

Carrot Cake Truffles… also known as How to Make Carrot Cake a Finger Food. But these perfect little balls of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting were, for me, kind of bittersweet. For those of you that know me, you know that I am basically not capable of sitting down and watching TV, but the …

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Thinking of You.

Dad, I made cupcakes. The 30th of October marks your birthday and I was thinking of you. We are all always thinking of you. You come up often and unexpectedly and sometimes in places that surprise me… pleasantly. We share many laughs; I know you won’t mind that lots of them are at your expense …

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One year ago today I started Sugar Dish Me. At least I think it was one year ago today. What had happened was… Sugar Dish actually started out on another host site. I hated it. So I managed to wrap my technologically challenged brain around migrating my material here. But when I got here, …

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Southwest Pizza

This morning, a little after 4 a.m., my eyes fluttered open because I heard a noise. Actually, this is the third time this week that a late night noise has pulled me from my already sporadic slumber. The first two times were weird; once I woke up in a panic and scrambled off the bed …

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Sweet Tart Cheesecake

I started with a lemon bar cheesecake poured into a Nilla wafer crust. Then I doused the baked, cooled cheesecake in raspberry sauce. Lemons and raspberries are sweet and tart. But not as sweet and tart as Sweet Tarts. Which I put in the food processor.Then I tossed the powdered candies with a pint of …

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Prep Work

This week is one greatbiglongneverending list. There’s the three birthdays in five days list. And the eleven people getting ready for a beach trip list. I have shopping lists and grocery lists, packing lists and left to-do lists. And finally there’s the cook-it-before-we-go-so-I-don’t-spend-our-whole-vacation-in-the-kitchen-list. It’s pretty important. That’s the list that insures my being able to lay in the …

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Are We Friends?

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I feel like we’re friends. I ramble on to you all about my kids, and my boyfriend, and the lady that screamed at the cashier in the grocery store for 20 minutes holding up the line because the poor girl didn’t want to cash her $400 personal check. Did …

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Summer Holiday Parfait

Bite-size cubes of THIS CREAM CHEESE POUNDCAKE, a recipe so simple that Evan read the instructions and made it almost all by himself (point of reference: Evan is 9), layered with Jell-O instant vanilla pudding and fresh sliced strawberries, topped with blue-tinged whipped cream. Party in a glass. Happy 4th Everyone!!  

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