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Healthy Spinach and Feta Greek Pasta Salad

Ruffled pasta, chopped spinach, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and a Greek yogurt dressing! This Healthy Spinach and Feta Greek Pasta Salad makes a great side dish or lunch-on-the-go! Add grilled chicken for a quick meal. I have THE HARDEST time with side dishes for dinner. I don’t know why it trips me up …

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Spinach Pasta Roll Up

Today is one of those rarest of days that I really don’t have much to say. That never happens, so I’m just gonna tell you to “enjoy!” I’m sure I’ll be rambling on again in an hour or two. Perhaps I should up my caffeine intake… ? For now I’ll let these photos of tender pasta rolled up …

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Car Dancing

Some people listen to music politely in the car. Reasonable volume, words to songs mouthed or quietly hummed, an occasional tap of fingers on the steering wheel- nothing exciting. Just mild appreciation for the tunes flowing out of the speakers. There are other people that sing a little loudly or nod their heads to the …

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