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The Perfect White Cake… In a Jar

Perfect White Cupcakes with Avocado Frosting

I am so very fortunate to have the most amazing readers and friends evuuurrr. Really.

Sometimes I am even so lucky that I get cool things in the mail. Do you even know how joyous it is to get something in the mail besides junk addressed to the person that lived here before we did 4 years ago?

Avocado Frosting I’m telling you it’s EXTRA fun.

So last month, after I whined about not having any Girl Scout Cookies for at least 3 weeks, one of my super readers (and a very great friend!!) mailed me 4 boxes of cookies that her daughter was selling. If there is anyway to cement a friendship for life it’s Samoas.

Perfect White Cupcakes in a Jar

So I’m sloooooowly working on sending prizes back to all the wonderful readers that have never met me face to face and still think enough of me to mail me presents.

The world is full of really really REALLY great people.

Perfect White Cupcakes in a Jar

So I mailed these cupcakes in jars to Deanna at SOLE Food Kitchen. They are the latest birthday gifts she will probably ever receive (I think her birthday was like March 10 or something… oops.), and gosh I hope they make it unscathed. Because Deanna is awesome!! She has been with me on this blog since the beginning and is a fellow North Carolinian who writes about local and sustainable food and plans menus based on her weekly farmer’s market finds. She is also about to become a cookie butter convert.

Perfect White Cupcakes with Avocado Frosting

This post is a meeting of some very brilliant food blog minds– Amanda, Dorothy, and Stephani— I had cupcakes with avocado frosting for breakfast– Thank you!!!

You can find the recipe for this Perfect White Cake at i am baker. Also I expect you’ll be lost there looking at all the amazingness for awhile so I suppose I’ll catch you sometime next week. I adjusted the bake time to 12 minutes, and yes, I did butter the pint jars!!

The Avocado Frosting recipe came from Crazy for Crust; I followed it exactly and it was excellent. Dorothy is also responsible for Rocky Road Nutella Pudding Cookies. WHAT? I know.

How to Ship Cupcakes was posted by The Cupcake Project. There you will also find a tutorial for HOW TO MAKE PIXY STIX. And I wish we were friends in real life.

Mail a cupcake to a friend!

P.S. I hope that friend is me!!


Thursday 23rd of April 2015

Hi! Love the idea!! I am making a sweet treats care package to send to my mom for mothers day. It will be shipped two day. Do you think I could make carrot cake in the jars? Also, do you think there is any way I could frost them? Or put the frosting in a separate jar? The cream cheese frosting is her fav! I really want this to be special for her. She is having some health issues and has been a little down lately. Sweets always lighten her mood :) Oh and fyi, I am sending from South Alabama to West Texas. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas you come up with.

Heather Tullos

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

You can TOTALLY do carrot cake with frosting in jars. You'll need to bake and freeze solid though! Do you have time for that? And be surew to spring for 1 day shipping since it's nice and warm here in the south right now.I wrote a whole post on shipping baked goods which you can find here: The tutorial on shipping cupcakes is complete though and it works! I have used it several times. Let me know if you have more questions!

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