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The Return

There are lots of things I miss about being on vacation. This view from a lounge chair in the sand is one of them. I also miss early morning coffee with my whole family at the kitchen table with a pile of waffles.

I’m missing the fact that no one thinks twice when there’s more vodka than juice in your cup at 11 am or that beer is totally acceptable well before noon. Vacation tip of the week: Buy THESE. You’ll thank me later.

Junk food was an integral part of our 8 day hiatus in Oak Island, North Carolina. This included Doritoes piled with leftover chicken & rice, root beer floats at any hour of the day, homemade pizzas, tacos, brownie sundaes and s’mores.

OH. The S’mores.

I learned something new about my sweetheart while vacationing… he had never before in his life eaten a s’more. What the what?!

We very quickly remedied that problem. I have pictures, but I think he would not speak to me for a week if I posted them. So I’ll just leave that marshmallowy and slightly inebriated mess to your imaginations.

We also had a birthday… Happy Birthday, Momma!
Besides the insane amount of vacation foods we consumed, there was a lot of this fierce competition…
And this little boy in the ocean…
This one nursing the sunburn of the century…

And the construction and subsequent all-day defense of this sandcastle. Yes, it has a soccer field.

And a hot tub.

I’m really missing this view behind the house…
And having my mom and sisters around for the best company while we all clean up the mess that comes from feeding 11 people.
I did miss this blog, though! To all the readers at Sugar Dish Me, I sincerely apologize for spending a week in the only house on the East Coast without wireless internet access. I’m sorry.
But I actually wouldn’t change a thing.

Recipes to follow…


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