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Bourbon Caramel Apple Shortcakes

 Bourbon Caramel Apple Shortcakes are MY FAVORITE! Fluffy little shortcakes topped with sweet cinnamon cooked apples, whipped cream, and bourbon caramel. Ohhhh haaayyyy. This post dates back to September 2013. I re-photographed everything in 2018 and re-shared, and at the time we were fostering a mama + 9 puppies, so basically I was just trying really …

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My Favorite Things Giveaway!

  It’s summer!!! Like full-on-in-the-middle-a-July SUMMER. And still, while you all are vacationing and swimming and ball-gaming and flip flopping, you all find the time to come here and read. So. I thought it would be fun if I gave away a prize FULL of my most favorite things. Because you are awesome. Each and every …

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