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Mint Oreo Buttercream Frosting

Mint Oreo Buttercream Frosting is a fluffy basic buttercream loaded with crushed Mint Oreo Cookies. If you love mint and chocolate, this frosting really takes the cake.  I make a lot of birthday cakes around here. We don’t do fancy parties or extravagance, and we don’t even really invite friends (noting that I should probably …

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Birthday Cake Oreo Birthday Cake

A cookies and cream cake covered in chocolate buttercream, rainbow sprinkles, and Birthday Cake Oreos. A perfect way to celebrate!  I have a pretty big immediate family. I mean, I only have the two kiddos, but I also have two sisters and two brothers, plus everyone’s significant other. That makes for a LOT of birthdays …

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Thinking of You.

Dad, I made cupcakes. The 30th of October marks your birthday and I was thinking of you. We are all always thinking of you. You come up often and unexpectedly and sometimes in places that surprise me… pleasantly. We share many laughs; I know you won’t mind that lots of them are at your expense …

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The Return

There are lots of things I miss about being on vacation. This view from a lounge chair in the sand is one of them. I also miss early morning coffee with my whole family at the kitchen table with a pile of waffles. I’m missing the fact that no one thinks twice when there’s more vodka …

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Sweet Tart Cheesecake

This cake is full of Sweet Tarts for my sweetheart. Yesterday was his birthday. In my brain full of thoughtful things, some slight delusions of grandeur, and a Black Visa card, I imagined throwing this man the party of all parties. Streamers, balloons, an open bar. I envisioned a party catered by someone other than myself. Music. …

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Kit Kat Cake

Let me start by saying that I can’t take credit for this cake. I’ve seen it about 436 times on Pinterest. But my Andrew turned 12 and asked me for a cake covered in candy. I don’t really know what exactly he had in mind, but this immediately jumped into my brain full speed ahead. …

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