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Egg and Cheese Waffle Pockets

Egg and Cheese Waffle Pockets make breakfast totally portable! Made with refrigerated biscuits, they’re so easy to customize any way you crave.

Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches Recipe

I know these sandwiches look unassuming. That’s by design, though.

School starts here next week; I know it’s already underway for so many of you. So the need for fast breakfasts has arrived.

With two teenage boys eating me out of house and home on the regular, resorting to just cereal mostly doesn’t cut it. A couple of years ago at the start of school I made Homemade Fluffy Pancake Mix. It turns out THE BEST big fat fluffy pancakes ever. And they come together really quick.

Pancakes aren’t super portable though, and the dudes around here have a talent for getting ready in 10 minutes and eating on the go. So I devised this plan that starts with refrigerated biscuits and ends with my waffle iron. The first time I executed said plan was with these 5 Minute Cinnamon Sugar Waffle Bites. Then I moved on to Egg and Cheese Waffle Pockets. They are sandwiches, but the biscuit dough seals in all the goodness so you can eat it on the run.

Egg and Cheese Waffle Pockets Recipe

The flavor combos here are pretty endless, but here are a few add-in/flavor suggestions to get your egg and cheese waffle game going:

  • add bacon, ham, or sausage (duh)
  • add peppers, onion, and ham for a western omelet flair
  • try it with apple butter and brie (or any kind of fruity jam and mild cheese)
  • go Greek with spinach, olives, and feta cheese
  • chorizo and salsa with give you a Tex-Mex feel

Obviously you can go a thousand directions with these breakfast pockets. I’ve taken to just throwing in leftovers, adding eggs and the appropriate cheese, and calling it good. Your family will thank you.

(Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches first appeared on Food Fanatic where I write breakfast recipes every month!)

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These Egg and Cheese Waffle Pockets are the easiest breakfast on the go! Made with refrigerated biscuit dough, it's simple to change the flavor to suit you!


Monday 29th of August 2016

i didn't know you could wafflize biscuits! apple butter and brie sounds like a dream come true to me. :)