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Carrot Cake Truffles

Carrot Cake Truffles… also known as How to Make Carrot Cake a Finger Food. But these perfect little balls of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting were, for me, kind of bittersweet. For those of you that know me, you know that I am basically not capable of sitting down and watching TV, but the …

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Kit Kat Cake

Let me start by saying that I can’t take credit for this cake. I’ve seen it about 436 times on Pinterest. But my Andrew turned 12 and asked me for a cake covered in candy. I don’t really know what exactly he had in mind, but this immediately jumped into my brain full speed ahead. …

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Funfetti Cake From Scratch

Funfetti Cake from scratch! This easy recipe gives you fluffy white cake LOADED with sprinkles and covered in a sweet traditional buttercream frosting. This Funfetti Cake recipe is a birthday classic! In our family we have always done birthdays the same way, ever since we were small. My mom’s kitchen table is where the action is, with …

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