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A Few Favorites


It’s the weekend!!!

And this weekend is oh so special because it has an extra hour in it. I’m not sure why that extra hour always seems like such a treat to me… I’m going to wake up way too early anyway. Especially when the sun is suddenly in my face at 6 a.m. But it feels like I get to be lazy for a minute (or 60). So I’m excited.

This past week has left me with a ton of stuff to do, though. I have a kitchen table covered in work that needs to be finished instead of cookies that need to be made. The laundry is ganging up on me. Today my family had to fend for themselves in the kitchen. It’s that kinda day.

I also think I’m still recovering from my haircut trauma. I know you probably think I’m exaggerating, but I am sooooooserious.

My executive decision is to give you a few of my favorites. Oldies but goodies. These are meant to tide you over until I can get my act together. That should happen by Monday, I think.

Here goes… (Just click the photos for the recipes)

Apple Carrot Muffins: Because sometimes when your children try to eat cookies for breakfast it’s nice to have something on hand besides cereal.

Bourbon Peach French Toast: Since we’re on the subject of breakfast, you should know that this is one of my favorites. Replace the peaches with apples to keep in trend with the season. Eat it at 2 in the afternoon with a side of bacon. You won’t need anything else for the entire rest of the day.

Chicken & Beer Chili: I’ve had my feet stuffed into slippers and have been wearing a sweater around the house for days now. It’s cold and I basically refuse to turn on the heat until January because I live in the most energy inefficient house in the western hemisphere. 36 degrees outside? I’ll just make more coffee and wrap a scarf around my head. Also, we will eat lots of chili.

Chinese Hacked Pork: A slow cooker recipe!!! This one might actually afford you more than one extra hour this weekend. Super delicious, super easy, and would also be awesome with chicken.


Cookies with peanut butter cream filling.

Cake. Lemon. Sugared lemon glaze.

So what are you making this weekend? I wanna know allllll about your favorite recipes. I’m also taking requests for food you need in your life in the coming weeks.


Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas
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Sweet Potato Black Bean Quesadillas
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