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Summer Squash Recipes

So here’s the funny thing about a food blog: I make ALL SORTS OF THINGS that you all never see. Obviously we eat everything I post here because family-friendly do-able cooking is kind of my thing. Plus I live with 3 hungry bottomless pits so of course they eat all the food. And then go …

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Whoops! …Cookie Fails

This past Friday marked the first of several Christmas parties we will be attending this month. The upcoming events are all with family and I am sooooooo the most excited about our Christmas Eve plans with my brothers and sisters. Those plans involve some serious cookie decorating, funny Christmas movies, and take out food while …

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Asparagus Pesto Ravioli

I like to play in the kitchen. Sometimes I’m inspired by magazine articles or blogs I read. On occasion it’s the weather. Other times it’s my mood. Colors and cravings definitely come into play. And then there are days I am inspired by necessity. There is the desire to use up all the leftovers. Sometimes …

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