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Category: Cupcakes

Easy Bat Cupcake Recipe

Going Batty Cupcakes

Another adorable addition to this year’s Halloween Project! These Going Batty Cupcakes were made by Angie at Big Bear’s Wife. Be sure to follow along all month for the terrific ideas from 7 of my favorite Halloween-loving bloggers! Let the Halloween-ing continue! There are only a couple of days left in September and it’s go-time, …

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Liz’s Candy Corn Cupcakes

As part of this year’s Halloween project, I have partnered up with 7 other Halloween-loving bloggers to bring you the best of our spooky ideas this fall. These Candy Corn Cupcakes were made by Liz of That Skinny Chick Can Bake and I can’t get over how pretty they are! So remember the other day …

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Evil Eye Cherry Cupcakes

Evil Eye Cherry Cupcakes

Moist vanilla cupcakes with a hint of almond, poked with cherry Jell-O, and topped with cream cheese frosting and gummy evil eyes! Evil Eye Cherry Cupcakes will make a fun and delicious sweet addition to your Halloween table. If you’ve been reading here for awhile [or you know me even just a little tiny bit], …

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Lemon Cookie Cupcakes

It’s been awhile since I made cupcakes!!!! It was high time. So I did us all a favor and not only made moist lemon cupcakes, I also smothered them in my favorite vanilla buttercream and then stuffed a lemony sprinkled cookie on top.

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Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Ice cream, cake, and frosting all in one cool bite! These Ice Cream Cupcakes combine all my favorite birthday things in one little hand-held treat. Easy to customize with your favorite flavors! I figured out how to have ice cream, frosting, and cake all in one bite. without a spoon. And I have no idea …

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Best Basic Carrot Cake Cups

    Are you guys sick of cupcake recipes yet? I’m really sorry. Well… actually that was a lie. I’m not that sorry. Also I still have more. And there are more than that in the works. I promise I’m trying to space them out, even though two in one week probably doesn’t seem so …

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