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Squae Cropped image with text overlay the best leftover ham recipes

What to Do with Leftover Ham

When the holiday is over and you are honestly tired of boring sandwiches, what to do with leftover ham is always a question! These leftover ham recipes are here to help. Casseroles, make ahead dishes, and even pizza! I make a ham for almost every holiday (have you tried this Apple Butter Glazed Ham? It’s …

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Apple Butter Glazed Ham Sandwiches Close Up Square Crop

Apple Butter Glazed Ham

Apple Butter Glazed Ham is a simple, sweetly spiced way to dress up your holiday ham, but it also makes a great ham steak if all you need is a quick weeknight meal.  I travel pretty often for work, and the hyper-responsible mom in me always feels the need to do all the laundry and …

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Ham and Egg Brunch Cups Recipe

Ham and Egg Brunch Cups

Ham and Egg Brunch Cups are the perfect pick up item for your morning meal! Puff pastry filled with ham, egg, cheese, and a sweet mustard sauce make easy work of brunch for a crowd! This post is sponsored by our friends at Musselman’s Apple Butter! All opinions, the original photos, and the original recipes shared here …

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Croque Monsieur Rolls

Croque Monsieur Rolls

These Croque Monsieur Rolls are savory and amazing! Stuffed with ham and Gouda, topped with a buttery poppy seed dressing, and sure to impress all your brunch guests. You guyyyyyssss. I made the best brunch EVER. Croque Monsieur Rolls. I’m gonna cut straight to the carb-loving chase here. These rolls are ALL ABOUT the dough. …

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Chicken Cordon Blue Pizza

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza

This insanely delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza starts with a creamy garlic sauce and is topped with ham, chicken, onions, and Swiss. Once slice won’t do! This post is sponsored by I use all kinds of tools in my kitchen, but none see more use than my cutting board! So I partnered with to share …

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Baked Honey Mustard Ham Sandwich Recipe

Baked Honey Mustard Ham Sandwiches

These Baked Honey Mustard Ham sandwiches are made on sweet Hawaiian rolls and are topped with a delicious poppy seed onion dressing. Easy to make, great for showers and brunches, Baked Honey Mustard Ham Sandwiches are a traditional and totally addictive little recipe! I love a good ham sandwich! And these baked ham sandwiches remind …

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