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20 Minute Skillet Pizza with Quick Pizza Dough

You can have homemade pizza in just 20 minutes! 20 Minute Skillet Pizza From Scratch uses my 10 Minute Quick Pizza Dough and a hot cast iron skillet to turn out a perfect homemade pizza with a nice crispy crust in 20 minutes. WAY faster than delivery.  Have you ever made a skillet pizza? It …

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Sassy Oatmeal

I’m a cereal kinda girl. Granola? Love it. Granola bars? Love those, too. Quaker Toasted Oatmeal is darn near perfect. You can stuff cereal into muffins. You can make it into treats that are drenched in pink sprinkles. Chex Mix, anyone? Corn Flakes are smashed and sprinkled over casserole. Chicken is dredged in cereal crumbs and baked …

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