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How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

Oh how I adore my cast iron skillet! It is probably the most used tool in my kitchen. I have several, but this big mama is my favorite. I use it for one-pot meals, brownies, cornbread, skillet cookies, and frying chicken. I actually have a huge list of skillet recipes here (we’ll get to them in just a minute) but what all that cooking equals is a VERY well used cast iron skillet. So sometimes I have to season it. Let’s learn how to season a cast iron skillet so all your tasty food doesn’t burn and stick.

Dirty Cast Iron Skillet

Once upon a time I was recipe testing this awesome herbed lemon chicken skillet and this happened.

You’ll notice that I have not linked to said awesome herbed lemon chicken skillet recipe because if the pan looked like this, you can only imagine what the chicken skin looked like #burnttoacrisp (#ateitanyway #stillgood). Okay sorry. I’ll stop.

Anyway. the timing was perfect because right about the time I created this big ‘ol mess, I also had to put together a how-to post for my friends at on How To Season a Cast Iron Skillet.

I think I forgot to mention that’s a thing we are doing now — writing tutorials. Because I am an expert on things like fixing giant messes I made. Maybe my next tutorial can be on how to do laundry 7 days a week. I am also an expert at that. :/

So I’m laying out the step by step photos for how to clean and re-season your cast iron skillet below. But you can also read all my How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet <<—words here.

How to season a cast Iron Skillet Step by Step


Here are my favorites that call for a skillet — of course I used cast iron.

Summer Veggie Skillet Pizza

Caramel Apple Pork Chops

M & M Skillet Cookie Sundae

Easy Sloppy Joes

From Scratch Stew Beef

Chicken Fajita Breakfast Skillet


Patricia June

Tuesday 5th of September 2017

My car iron skillets are older than I am , I'm 78, & they have NEVER. BEEN SEASONED WITH OIL. First time they should be washed dried & seasoned with crisco, or lard, & heated in 250 oven a few hrs. Or heated on stove top watching closely turn off heat let cool completely thend wipe out excess grease, let set for a day before using ,always use a little fat to cook with, cast iron was NEVER meant to be TEFLON, wash ,dry & set on burner a few min. On med/low heat let cool & they are fine, olive oil will go ransid, left setting

Heather Tullos

Wednesday 6th of September 2017

Patricia June there are LOTS of oils besides olive oil. Crisco is OIL. Lard reduces into OIL. So I'm gonna say that you have definitely used a kind of oil to season your cast iron. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ALL CAPS CONTRIBUTION ❤️