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Warm fresh peaches are slow cooked with a tasty oatmeal topping and spiced rum, and then topped with vanilla ice cream!

Slow Cooker Boozy Peach Cobbler

Slow Cooker Boozy Peach Cobbler is best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Made with spiced rum, fresh peaches, and a tasty oat topping! Perfect for serving a crowd.  You guys. We made it through the ENTIRE summer without talking about hoarding produce and then trying to figure out what to do …

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10 Minute Fruit Cobbler Recipe

10 Minute Fruit Cobbler

A quick, no-bake cobbler that is perfect for last minute get-togethers or extra guests! This 10 Minute Fruit Cobbler is a hassle free, simple solution to your sweet tooth! This post is sponsored by DOLE® Frozen Fruit. All opinions, photos, and the original recipe are my own.  Ya’ll know I love my fast solutions (check …

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Peach Slab Pie Bars

Peach Crumble Pie Bars

Buttery pie crust is layered with cream cheese and fresh peaches, and then topped with crumbly oats, pecans and brown sugar to make the most fun pie you can eat with your hands! Peach Crumble Pie Bars are one of our favorite ways to use fresh peaches! And so my fascination with peaches continues. In truth …

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Peach Pie Stuffed Biscuit Recipe

Peach Pie Biscuit Bombs

Flaky refrigerated biscuits are split and filled with fresh peach slices, cinnamon, nutmeg, and Brie. These Peach Pie Biscuit Bombs are unbelievably simple, totally delicious little treats perfect for breakfast, brunch, or with a little ice cream for dessert! There’s this place about 20 miles from my house. It’s down a two-lane highway that mostly …

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Chicken Taquito Recipe

Peach Chicken Taquitos

Shredded chicken is cooked with peaches and chipotle peppers and then rolled into tortillas and baked. These Peach Chicken Taquitos are an excellent way to use up summer peaches! They make a great appetizer, easy meal, or snack.  This post was originally written in 2013. I’ve updated the photos and added a few recipe notes. …

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Chipotle Peach Chicken Tacos

Chipotle Peach Chicken Tacos

A little spicy and a little sweet! These shredded chicken tacos are so perfect for summer peaches! Chipotle Peach Chicken Tacos call for fresh peaches and peach preserves, along with chipotle peppers for some smoky heat. Sure to be a forever favorite. Reason #17654098 to eat tacos: It’s peach season. Last year I bit off …

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Grilled Peach and Bacon Pizza

Grilled Peach and Bacon Pizza

 A super fast grilled flat bread pizza recipe with fresh peaches, crisp bacon, whole milk mozzarella, and basil. Grilled Peach and Bacon Pizza is a quick, delicious summer dinner! This is one of those multipurpose weeks. I mean… there’s a lot going on! School has started across most of the country; if not by this …

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Peach Berry Crumble

This Peach Berry Crumble is full of summer’s best fruit! A simple, buttery oat and brown sugar topping is the perfect way to celebrate the fruits of the season. UPDATE 7/12/2017: This post was initially written in 2013. It was all about learning how to use a camera and how food photography can bring you …

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