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The Ultimate ‘Mater Sandwich

This major southern classic is actually The Ultimate Tomato Sandwich – a kicked up version celebrating gorgeous garden tomatoes. DISCLAIMER: I am not southern enough to pull off the word “mater”. And my other half? The guy with a deep southern drawl like you would not even believe? He can’t really pull it off either, …

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Summer Vegetable Soup with Pesto – Slow Cooker or Stove Top

 Summer Vegetable Soup with Pesto is the perfect way to use up those summer veggies! Easy, healthy, delicious, and made in the slow cooker!  This soup is a great way to enjoy your summer produce without heating up the house!   I was just having this conversation with my sisters yesterday about eating soup when …

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Roasted Tomato Sauce

Earlier this week I briefly mentioned a gigantic bucket of tomatoes given to me by my neighbors from their garden. Wasn’t that nice? And there are a bazillion more tomatoes where these came from. I am not a canner or a freezer-filling planner… this is actually the first occasion in my entire life I’ve even had the …

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