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Lightened Up Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes

Lightened Up Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes

Baked potatoes stuffed full of roasted broccoli and topped with a delicious lightened up cheese sauce. Lightened Up Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes are such a simple filling meal! I am sooooooo excited about these potatoes, you guys. I mean EXCITED. I love a good baked potato, but really if you wanna know the truth I love …

What the Heck Do I Do With Polenta?!

What the Heck Do I Do With Polenta?!

This is the first in a series of instructional posts intended to help home cooks with unfamiliar grocery items. What the Heck Do I Do With Polenta is a how-to post full of cooking instructions, recipe ideas, and serving suggestions for polenta. Simple cooking with simple ingredients and lots of inspiration! Do you ever walk …

Healthy Greek Pasta Salad

Healthy Spinach and Feta Greek Pasta Salad

Ruffled pasta, chopped spinach, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and a Greek yogurt dressing! This Healthy Spinach and Feta Greek Pasta Salad makes a great side dish or lunch-on-the-go! Add grilled chicken for a quick meal. I have THE HARDEST time with side dishes for dinner. I don’t know why it trips me up …

Pasta Salad with Greek Yogurt Dressing and No Mayo

Healthy Creamy Summer Pasta Salad

This quick summer side dish has a creamy sauce WITHOUT mayonnaise! The dressing is made with Greek yogurt and avocado for a protein-packed, superfood rich pasta salad your whole family will love, and it comes together in minutes! This content is sponsored by The American Dairy Association in an effort to salute it’s local dairy …

Bacon Caesar Pasta Salad by;

Bacon Caesar Pasta Salad

Need a quick dinner or a side to take to a cookout or BBQ? This Bacon Caesar Pasta Salad is IT. You can even make parts of it the day before in just a few minutes. Handy, right? Plus bacon Annnnnnnd you’ll love it.

Lemon Risotto with Spring Peas

Creamy Lemon Risotto with Spring Peas

A simple, delicious dish! Creamy Lemon Risotto with Spring Peas is fresh and full of flavor, studded with tender green peas and a hint of Asiago cheese.  When I was a kid, peas were at the top of the list of things I WOULD NOT eat. I mean, right up there with lima beans and …

Warm Herbed Potato Salad

Warm Herbed Potatoes

Red skinned potatoes tossed with olive oil and fresh herbs. These warm herbed potatoes are a great side with any meal and would be great at your Easter table! Also a happy addition to brunch. I have decided that I need a phone with buttons. I mean, I love my smart phone – don’t get …

Creamy Mushroom and Onion Baked Risotto

There’s this thing that happens when I try to feed my kids a dish with mushrooms. All of the mushrooms stay on the plate. And actually as much as I’d like to protest and convince them that mushrooms are the most delicious things ever and why don’t you know that and eat your food already …

Chicken and Greens Sandwich

I feel like lots of times the story behind the food I share is the same: Once upon a time I worked in __________ restaurant and we served _________ dish and I loved it so much so I decided to try to make it at home and we all lived happily ever after. The End. …

Cool and Creamy Tuna Casserole

Wait!!! Stick around! The Tuna Casserole got a makeover! I realize that Tuna Casserole is one of those majorly polarizing foods but I promise you that on this I did you good.