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Category: Side Dishes

The Best Easy Bean Salad Recipe image of brightly colored bean salad on a wooden spoon

The Best Easy 5 Bean Salad

The Best Easy 5 Bean Salad is perfect for potlucks, cookouts, and picnics. It’s inexpensive to make, easily feeds a crowd, and if you have leftovers it’s better the next day! This 5 bean salad is probably the most requested thing I make, which seems ridiculous because it’s stupid easy (literally chopping some things and …

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Lemon Basil Potato Salad

A simple creamy pesto dressing is what sets this Lemon Basil Potato Salad apart. It’s fast, fresh, and sure to please at your next cookout! You guys. I need to SHARE. Remember when I told you my basil plants were taking over and then we made some Awesomely Easy Basil Pesto? Well, I didn’t stop there. …

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Cider Baked Sweet Potato Recipe

Cider Baked Sweet Potatoes

This post has been sponsored by alli®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Sweet potatoes!!! I love a good sweet potato recipe. The natural flavor is at the top of my list of things to eat, WITHOUT any dressing up. I can straight up bake a sweet potato and eat it completely plain, and …

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Veggie Strata Recipe

Vegetable Strata

A terrific make-ahead dish that can double as a veggie-loaded side OR a delicious breakfast to feed a crowd. This Vegetable Strata is piled high with cheese, bread, and tons of veggies to please the crowd.  Heyyyyy. So. Last minute me has made you a really-awesome make-ahead dish. We talked the other-day about my lack …

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Copycat Bonefish Grill Quinoa Salad

Copycat Bonefish Quinoa Salad

 An easy, fresh, homemade version of the quinoa salad at Bonefish Grill. Copycat Bonefish Quinoa Salad is healthy and filling! Goes great with chicken or fish and makes a terrific lunch! I was not quick to jump on the quinoa bandwagon. I made a few dishes with it the first time I bought it. I …

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Brown Sugar Butternut Squash Tart

Brown Sugar Butternut Squash Tart

A sweet buttery tart crust topped with thin slices of butternut squash that’s been sauteed with brown sugar and spices. This Brown Sugar Butternut Squash Tart makes a gorgeous Thanksgiving side dish or a pretty addition to the dessert table.  One thing I love about holiday meals: You can completely get away with serving these …

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Easy Caprese Orzo

Easy Caprese Orzo

A simple side dish made with grape tomatoes, fresh basil, asiago cheese, and toasted orzo. Easy Caprese Orzo is terrific, fast, and fresh anytime of year! Are you screaming at me that this is a summer dish right now? Shhhhhhhhhhh. It’s okay. It is. I know it is. But hear me out. Because this is …

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