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Veggie Strata Recipe

Vegetable Strata

A terrific make-ahead dish that can double as a veggie-loaded side OR a delicious breakfast to feed a crowd. This Vegetable Strata is piled high with cheese, bread, and tons of veggies to please the crowd.  Heyyyyy. So. Last minute me has made you a really-awesome make-ahead dish. We talked the other-day about my lack …

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One Pot Chicken Riggies

A tasty one-pot dish that comes together quickly and is packed with flavor! These One Pot Chicken Riggies are inspired by a dish served largely in central New York that I sometimes get a major craving for!     This post is sponsored by Bertolli® brand pasta sauce and the Kroger sponsored ‘Taste of Italy’ …

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Make Ahead Breakfast bakes with Homemade Hash Browns

Make Ahead Breakfast Bakes

These Make Ahead Breakfast Bakes are perfect for back to school! Little cups of shredded hash browns, baked eggs, and whatever add-ins you like! ***Update October 2017: This is the #2 most popular recipe on Sugar Dish Me for 2 years running! It’s been pinned hundreds of thousands of times and there are loads of …

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Summer Vegetable Skillet Pizza

The best summer produce scattered on top of whole milk mozzarella, pistachio pesto, and my favorite pizza crust. Summer Vegetable Skillet Pizza is a great way to use up your garden or farmer’s market haul! The only thing we don’t have at our new house (besides a pool, I mean) is a garden. I have …

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Cheesesteak Hot Dogs

Cheesesteak Hot Dogs

All beef hot dogs topped with melted provolone, sauteed onions, peppers, and mushrooms, and piled into a thick toasty bun. Cheesesteak Hot Dogs are quick, easy, and qualify as awesome summer comfort food.  This week I’m skipping straight to summer. Because I live in North Carolina and it’s warm and we have been eager to …

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Garden Veggie Scones

  So here we are, already halfway through January, and I still have 2 Rubbermaid containers full of Christmas decorations stacked in my living room. I had such good intentions!!! Scrolling through Instagram one day, my friend Carrie had this brilliant photo of chalkboard paint on her storage bins and I was like ‘omg you …

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Cherry Bomb Chicken

Cherry Bomb Chicken

Cherry Bomb Chicken is salt-brined and then smothered in an easy Cherry Pepper BBQ Sauce while cooking. This recipe makes for the most tender and sticky sweet spicy chicken ever! I have made this chicken 3 times and I almost didn’t share it. Because 3 out of 3 times I have not gotten a photo …

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Chicken Philly Sandwiches

Chicken Philly Sandwiches are a classic! And EVERYONE has opinions. My opinions include onions, peppers, AND mushrooms! No matter what though, you need this cheese sauce in your life. DO IT.  This is my post for the end of the world. Because if we’re all going out then I’d be completely okay with this sandwich …

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