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Hair Behaving Badly

So. If you’ve been here awhile then you know I’ve had some pretty serious hair disasters. I feel certain that “stylist” lady was out to get me.

And remember when I posted the before/after photos  after I’d had weeks to brood over the above mentioned disaster? You guys were so nice. No one would actually come out and say I looked exactly like Lindy, my childhood cocker spaniel… but I did.

Fortunately, that haircut has lasted awhile and it’s grown out nicely. I am THE WORST at being timely about haircuts. How often are you supposed to go? Every 6 weeks? 8? What do you do if there is no one in a 40 mile radius that can be trusted with scissors? Well… I’ll show you.

workout hair

This is my workout hair. Also this is pretty much what my hair looks like when I’m working most days (maybe add an apron and some brownie batter on my clothes, but this is basically it). Please don’t make fun of me you guys. I know it’s a disaster. Also I’m not wearing any makeup so… yeah. Just focus on the mop on my head.

bad bad hair

Most days my hair really just wants to be dreads. But… I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull that off.

Better Hair?

I am really not good at taking pictures of myself. I think that’s a teenage girl skill. Fail.

hiding bad hair

Olay and BlogHer TV have teamed up and put together a series of hair how-to’s that I have found SUPER helpful. I missed the girly makeup/hair lessons when I was younger, and since I was about 15 I seem to always just tie my hair in a knot, add a few bobby pins, and be on my way. Mostly because that’s the thing I know how to do. But sometimes it’s nice to look like a grown up member of society that is not in sweats or yoga pants with gym hair. This tutorial on hiding damaged hair was great. I only wish I’d had it when my whole head was damaged hair.

Maybe soon they will teach me how to do my makeup (hint, hint).

Check out the video! It’s quick and helpful no matter your hair length or type (please believe that my hair behaves badly on the regular and these tips help! Especially because my sisters do not live here and can’t tell me how not to look like a mess). I followed these instructions EXACTLY (but with a straightener because I do not own a curling iron). And I know I do not have hair like Connie Britton but it’s better than it was! Also I haven’t cut my hair since November so… this tutorial works.

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Also know that I am being compensated by Olay + BlogHer for promoting the videos and sweepstakes offered in this post, but the opinions are mine allllll mine (they never said I had to say nice things; I just really truly wanted to).

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Wednesday 1st of May 2013

[...] have another amazing video from BlogHer TV to save the hair day! Remember last month when I shared devastatingly embarrassing photos of my hairthat I took with my phone while standing under the skylight in my bathroom? Well. This month I [...]


Saturday 6th of April 2013

I was coming to look for that yummy pizza with Brussels sprouts but I got distracted by your pretty hair! I saw the pictures before I read through and I was going to ask if you'd gotten a haircut- so I guess your handy little trick works!

Either way your hair is gorgeous- but it does look super healthy. :)


Saturday 6th of April 2013

It does work! It was really just a lesson in how to use styling tools when you're not around to do it for me! Was it the cauliflower pizza? You could totally put Brussels sprouts on that.

Lisa Newlin

Saturday 6th of April 2013

I love the wavy, kind of messy look. It's probably because that's frequently how I wear my hair, and anyone who is brave enough to look like I do in public deserves a medal of some sort.

Come to think of it, Or maybe just a gift card to a salon to change styles immediately, since having hair like mine is pretty much a death wish.


Saturday 6th of April 2013

Hahhahaa. I can work it out in the winter but as soon as the humidity hits, it is ALL OVER. You know what I'm talking about.

Allison@Main St. Cuisine

Friday 5th of April 2013

I would love to get the wavy, just spent the day at the beach vibe that you've got going on in your pics. You look wonderful!! I seem to get more of the frizzy triangular shaped thing going. I definitely need the curling iron tips! :-)


Saturday 6th of April 2013

Ohhh girl. Without product I am all frizz. I had triangle hair after my last TERRIBLE haircut in November. It's fixed. Triangle stylist with the bad perm from 1986 is DONE.

Meghan @ The Tasty Fork

Thursday 4th of April 2013

Your hair looks so pretty!!! Your curls are just gorgeous.


Thursday 4th of April 2013

Oh the "after" photos? Not the dreads, right? Haha. Thanks, Meghan!